The main task was to develop a machine capable of withstanding the impact of mine explosions. This was achieved through collaboration between Efarm pro and the "Kobzarenko Plant".

The machine is based on a tractor chassis, equipped with an unmanned control system, and can demine the territory along a pre-defined trajectory. We have eliminated the presence of a tractor driver, reducing the risk of the operator being harmed. Thanks to precision agriculture technology, the distance between demining strips will be only 2 centimeters. 

Parts for the "People's Deminer" are of Ukrainian production. Firstly, this supports Ukrainian manufacturers, creates jobs, and promotes the development of Ukrainian technological manufacturing. Secondly, it provides the opportunity to repair the machine practically in any city.

Currently, the development is undergoing preparation for certification, and after completion of all procedures, we are ready to launch it into mass production. The machine will cost 5 times cheaper than foreign analogs of a similar type.

Efarm pro is grateful to KSE and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine for assisting us with advice in improving our product. Together, we will accelerate the demining process of Ukrainian land!