From 5 to 8 September in Las Vegas, the exhibition of technologies CES 2023 was held.

12 Ukrainian start-ups-participants were requested. In a way, around the presentation of the best innovative developments, there was an information campaign about the country of the national technology industry.
It can be said with confidence that the Ukrainian founders managed to get in the way of these tasks and bring the respect of the government to Ukraine.
Among the delegates, the brand was clearly presented as a guide to navigational equipment for precision farming. promotes high-tech solutions for the agricultural sector. The result of the victory was a change in vitrate by 20%, a shortening of uncultivated plots by 98% and, as a result, an increase in the yield of crops by 22% and an increase in the state government up to 35%!

Krym ts'oho, Agronavigator bouv of ideas as an attachment, which takes part in the program of regeneration and cleansing of the substitution of agricultural land in Ukraine.

The power has turned the respect of the international community to the most serious problem of 2023 - the security of careless farming and the government in conjunction with the military actions on the territory of Ukraine.
The Ukrainian pavilion at the CES show is a great success for the recognition of the technological pressures of Ukraine by the international community.