Gardarika Tres LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, deals with precision farming systems and has been integrating the latest technologies in the agricultural sector since 2014.

Since the beginning of hostilities, the company has taken an active social position and has become the flagship project for humanitarian demining and setting up safe labor in the fields contaminated with ammunition
The main mission of Gardarika Tres is to provide the agricultural sector with technologies, integrated innovative solutions, and the latest equipment to ensure maximum efficiency of farms and productivity of Ukrainian lands.

Today the company is the owner of the brand and manufacturer of agricultural navigators and autopilots Eco-startup, with the help of thousands of users, has reduced atmospheric emissions by 1.5 million tons of CO2 since its inception.
Since 2016, the company has been providing the agricultural market with grain aerators and grain conveyors. More than 2,000 households have already purchased and use Ukrainian-made equipment, which exceeds the performance in terms of its performance. Import analogues.

The company constantly improves its products and develops new ones, actively cooperates with the research institute ……. in Kyiv, where they are testing their developments.
The company has its own service center for working with equipment, provides warranty and post-warranty repairs.
Gardarika Tress is open for partnership, the purpose of which is to provide farmers with Ukrainian high-level equipment at an affordable price.
Our motivation is based on responsible business conduct, development of our own production, striving to be the best in our segment and providing farming with only high quality equipment with an attentive attitude to each client.
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