How to return the goods and what is needed for this

Обмін та повернення

You can return the agricultural navigator or autopilot to the store or exchange it for another similar one within 14 days from the date of purchase. This applies to goods of good quality, that is, unused and undamaged.
To return or exchange an item, the following conditions must be met:

  • the product has not been used, its presentation, packaging, consumer properties, seals, labels are preserved, there are no mechanical damages, the product is in its original form
  • less than two weeks have passed since the purchase of the goods
  • have a cashier's or sales receipt

We adhere to the law of Ukraine and are guided by the right to exchange and return goods of good quality. This right is provided for in Art. 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

Your requirements are considered after the presentation of the payment document (check), as well as a technical passport with a note on the date of sale.

The buyer has the right:
1) Return the purchased product simultaneously with the purchase from the Seller of another product from the store available in the assortment with the corresponding recalculation of the cost and payment of a positive difference, or return by the store of the difference between the prices of the goods;

2) Terminate the previously concluded sale and purchase agreement and receive the money back (within 7 working days in the same way as was used when paying for the goods (cash, bank transfer)).

Buyer action on return

1. The buyer fills out an application, which we will send by mail "Return of goods".
The application can be drawn up by the specialist accepting the goods, but must be signed by the Buyer.
2. The buyer presented a document confirming the payment for the goods - a sales receipt, an invoice.

Unfortunately, we are forced to refuse a return or exchange in the following cases:

  • Products that have been damaged or modified (excluding manufacturing defects)
  • Products with traces of use
  • Individual orders made according to the customer's requirements
  • Products after 14 days from the date of sale cannot be accepted for return or exchange.
  • Products that have changed their qualities or due to the aggressive influence of the external environment (water, exposure to temperatures, chemical elements)

Guarantee period
The warranty period for the goods is indicated in the passport, which is attached to the goods.
The warranty period for the antenna is 5 years
For tablets - 1 year.
In case of any problems, you must contact our company and provide the accompanying documents for the goods.
Warranty certificate of the manufacturer serves as confirmation of warranty obligations.
The warranty card must be kept for the entire period of operation.
Phone: +38068 377 88 55