We present the startups that will go to represent Ukraine at the Startup Grind global conference and expo in Redwood City in April 2023.

Startup Grind Global will be held on April 11-12 in Redwood City, USA
One of them for the second year in a row is the Ukrainian startup Field Assistant efarm.pro

Party.Space — parties and corporate events in the metaverse.
Fuelfinance is a cloud finance department for startups.
XSight is a multiplayer platform for augmented reality adventures.
INPUT SOFT is a platform for managing airports and airlines.
Esports Charts is "Google analytics" for live broadcasts.
FuelWell-Cleantech startup — a device for trucks that reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
Liki24.com - when you need medicine - a marketplace for medicines, laboratory tests and care products.
Spendbase is a platform for optimizing corporate expenses.
Zeeon is a metaworld for remote work and public speaking.
EQ.app is an application for the development of emotional intelligence.
Aspichi is an educational platform based on audiovisual teleportation.
G-MAK is an innovative security device.
Adminix is ​​software for automating work.
Agronavigation efarm.pro is a navigation field assistant.
Knowledgator is a tool that will do the market and competitive analysis for you.
Already in April, this bright fifteen will present Ukraine at Startup Grind Global 2023, so that entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world will learn how many innovations are created by Ukrainians.
Это уже третья делегация украинских стартапов на глобальной конференции и выставке Startup Grind в Редвуд-Сити, штат Калифорния. Даже в трудные времена мы должны донести до мира сообщение о том, что Украина — мощный современный технологический хаб, и здесь стоит заниматься бизнесом. с нами."
Украинская делегация на Startup Grind Global 2023 состоится благодаря Программе USAID "Конкурентоспособная экономика Украины", в сотрудничестве с Украинским фондом стартапов и Startup Grind Kyiv, при содействии Министерства цифровой трансформации Украины и Посольство Украины в США / Посольство Украины в США.