The war changed our lives forever. It overturned our views and united our people. Every citizen and every branch of labor has become the only front in the struggle for our state. Startup is no exception.
Due to constant replacements and explosions, life has become extremely dangerous, especially for farmers who work in the fields at the risk of their lives.
To save human life, a universal autopilot system has been developed, which is installed on agricultural machinery and a protection complex.
The system works autonomously, if necessary, allows you to drive a vehicle from a safe distance without putting your life at risk. It does not require long-term training and is available to many farmers. The goal is to save human life. We believe that thanks to this development, many people will be able to continue their work and develop their farms without risking their lives.
This is important for our state, which is fighting for peace and security. It is necessary to jointly make the land safer and help farmers develop. Join the Foodsicurity initiative and do everything you can to win faster