May 17, 2023 in Kyiv, security experts discussed the safety of critical infrastructure and humanitarian mine action at the Forum "Security of Critical Infrastructure and Humanitarian Mine Action"

The forum is designed to unite experts in the field of security for the sake of our common victory and to discuss the issue of restoring the safety of life in the country, restoring and protecting critical infrastructure, industry and energy facilities, returning full life to de-occupied territories, in particular to agricultural land, which is extremely important for food security of Ukraine and the world.
Representatives of the government, industry associations, manufacturers, suppliers of equipment and solutions of world-famous brands gathered at the forum to discuss important issues:

Technologies and solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure.
Increasing the security of critical infrastructure is one of the priority directions today, because it directly affects the national security of Ukraine. The participants will present and discuss modern technologies and technical means to ensure the security of critical infrastructure, audit and assessment of its security, security against unauthorized interference, timely detection of threats, prevention and neutralization of physical and cyber threats.

Comprehensive security of industry and energy.
Energy is one of the strategically important branches of Ukraine's economy, the vital activity and quality of most spheres of society's life, as well as directly the well-being of citizens, depend on its safe, stable functioning and sustainable development.Our energy sector is also of great importance in the global dimension, because Ukraine plays an important role in ensuring the energy security of the entire European continent. As a result of ruthless Russian attacks, up to 60% of Ukraine's energy facilities were damaged or destroyed. Therefore, it is necessary to restore the energy system of Ukraine, to modernize it, taking into account the risks that the war demonstrated. The forum presents modern technical means and equipment for ensuring safety, fire protection and man-made protection of industry and the energy sector.

Safety of life. Anti-mine activity.
According to experts' estimates, by the end of January 2023, about 250,000 square meters were mined in Ukraine. km, the demining of which, according to optimistic forecasts, will take about 10 years. The Ukrainian agricultural sector is the most affected by the activities of Russian miners. Our state, being an agrarian country, has felt the catastrophic consequences of landmines already this year, and cannot wait years for demining. In order to return full life to the de-occupied territories, in particular, to agricultural lands, they must be cleared of explosive objects. But for this, there is a lack of trained personnel and appropriate equipment. Acceleration of the demining process will provide an opportunity to quickly restore the country's economy, industry and agrarian entrepreneurship, save people's lives. At the forum, the problems of the functioning of the humanitarian mine action market in the country will be discussed, the most modern anti-mine equipment will be demonstrated, and training will be held by specialists of the Association of Sappers of Ukraine.

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