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Efarm Pro has created a technological controller for field spraying, BAST

Savings on agrochemicals: how can the BAST controller help your farm?

In the world of modern agricultural technologies, the BAST controller from EFARM PRO becomes an indispensable tool for Ukrainian farmers. Developed based on advanced technological solutions similar to the BRAVO-180S system, BAST offers convenient management and monitoring capabilities for agrochemical field treatments.

Why does a farmer need BAST?

  1. Accurate dosing: The BAST controller ensures precise dosing of pesticides, herbicides, and other substances, minimizing costs and increasing field treatment efficiency.
  2. Reduced environmental impact: Precise application helps reduce the risk of environmental pollution, which is important for environmentally sustainable agriculture.
  3. Resource optimization: With improved management, farmers can optimize resource use, leading to reduced costs and increased yields.
  4. Climate change adaptation: The controller allows for quick adaptation to changing weather conditions, which is becoming increasingly important in the context of global climate changes.

The BAST controller from EFARM PRO is an investment in the future of your farm, enabling you to increase productivity and reduce costs. Implementing such innovative technology is a step toward the sustainable development of the agricultural sector in Ukraine

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