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12 month warranty

Efarm bust computer for sprayer control for 5 section

SKU 55201
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efarm bust computer for sprayer control, 5 section

Description of the system.
The efarm Bast system is designed to control the application of liquid fertilizers of all types and subsequent analysis of its effectiveness. System management is performed with an Android device, operating system version 5.0 and higher.

The user will have access to the following information:

  • Actual outpouring l/ha
  • Actual outflow l/min
  • System pressure (assuming a pressure sensor is installed)
  • Remaining liquid in the tank
  • Speed
  • Statistics with the ability to select sorting conditions
  • Distance traveled (by specific field)
  • Cultivated area (by specific field)
  • Agronomist's menu
  • Operator menu
  • The rate is controlled by a proportional electro valve.
  • The fluid flow is controlled by sectional electro valves (two-way and three-way).
  • Additional sensitive elements of the system are an inductive speed sensor, a pulse flow meter and a pressure sensor.

System Specifications

  • System type - electronic
  • Operating system control - Android 5.0 and above
  • Supply voltage - 12…15 V
  • Maximum current - 2.5 A
  • Over voltage protection - Yes
  • Polarity Reversal Protection - Yes
  • Operating temperature range, °C - +5…+55
  • Flow meter support - electromagnetic, pulse
  • Speed ​​sensor - inductive
  • Sensitive zone of the speed sensor - 2 - 8 mm
  • Number of sections - 5 (expandable)
  • Pressure control - proportional valve (it is possible to install additional equipment to control the electric pump)
  • Controlled access mode - Yes
  • Application rate range - 10…1500
  • Pressure sensor measurement error - ±0.5%
  • Pressure control - 0…10 bar
  • Allowable range deviation application - ±5%
  • Automatic fluid supply at the start of movement - Yes
  • Control of deviation from the set application rate - Yes
  • Measuring time saving - Yes
  • Calculation of the distance traveled - Yes
  • Calculation of the cultivated area - Yes

Basic system configuration:
- current instruction
- Application,
- Control block, 
- sensor

You can buy Efarm Bast on this website or by calling 0685778855 or 0683778855.
Repair, installation, and adjustment can be carried out with the departure of a specialist.
Call and order!

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