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Еfarm bust control unit. Rare fertilizer application control system efarm bust

SKU 1627101271
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Еfarm bust control unit. Rare fertilizer application control system efarm bust

Control unit efarm bust. Liquid fertilizer application control system

Description of the product and its purpose
1. Description of the efarm bust system.
The "Bast" system is designed to control the application of liquid fertilizers of all types and subsequent analysis of its effectiveness. System management is performed with an Android device operating system version 5.0 and above.
The following information will be available to the user:

  • Actual discharge l/ha
  • Actual flow l/min
  • Pressure in the system (if a pressure sensor is installed)
  • Remaining liquid in the tank
  • Speed
  • Statistics with the possibility of choosing sorting conditions
  • Traveled path (on a specific field)
  • Cultivated area (on a specific field)
  • Agronomist menu
  • Operator's menu
  • The rate is controlled by a proportional electric valve.
  • Liquid flow is controlled by sectional electric valves (two-way and three-way).

Additional sensitive elements of the system are an inductive speed sensor, a pulse flow meter and a pressure sensor.

2. Technical characteristics of the system

·         System type - electronic

·         Control operating system - Android 5.0 and above
Supply voltage - 12...15 V

·         The maximum current is 2.5 A

·         Overvoltage protection - Yes

·         Polarity protection - Yes

Operating temperature range, °C +5...+55

·         Flow meter support - electromagnetic, pulse

·         Speed ​​sensor - inductive

·         The sensitive zone of the speed sensor    2 – 8 mm

·         Number of sections - 5 (with the possibility of expansion)

·         Pressure control - proportional valve (possible installation of additional equipment to control the electric pump)

·         Controlled access mode  - Yes

·         The range of the contribution rate is 10...1500

·         Pressure sensor measurement error - ±0.5%

·         Pressure control - 0...10 bar

·         Permissible deviation of the application range - ±5%

·         Automatic fluid supply at the start of movement - Yes to

·         Control of deviations from the set application rate - Yes

·         Save measurement time  - Yes

·         Calculation of the traveled distance - Yes

·         Calculation of treated area - Yes

·         Basic equipment of the system - Application, control unit, speed sensor, current manual

3. Composition and connection diagram
1. Basic system connection diagram.
Fig. Bast system. Installation diagram of the efarm bast liquid fertilizer control system.

1 – sections; 2 – flow meter; 3 – proportional valve; 4 – pressure regulator with the main one
valve; 5 – distributor in the assembled state; 6 – place of attachment of the speed sensor.

WARNING! If necessary, the system can be equipped with a unit for controlling the hydraulics of the unit and expanding the number of working sections.

Connector 1 should control the valve connected to the 1st section of the rod;
Connect connector "1" to valve "1" and then all other connectors in ascending order from left to right: rod section "1" is in the leftmost position when looking at the rear of the machine.
The name of the contact is Connection

·         G - main electric valve

·         M - manometer

·         P - proportional electric valve

·         F - flow meter

·         S - speed sensor

·         1 sectional electric valve

·         2 section electric valve

·         3 section electric valve

·         4 section electric valve

·         5 section electric valve

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