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12 month warranty

Autopilot TRK signal with RTK station

SKU 1627101273
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Autopilot with TRK signal and RTK Station

Станция RTK и Автопилот FJ Dynamics
We offer a complete set of automatic steering systems that can be installed on agricultural machinery of any manufacturer

📌At the moment, this is one of the best and most accurate autopilots for agricultural machinery working with an RTK signal at a very affordable price.

This system allows you to use the technique more effectively than before. At the same time, it does not matter if this technique is new or old. The thruster is suitable for various types of self-propelled agricultural machines intended for plowing, planting, fertilizing, spraying.

📌FJ Dynamics Autopilot + Station RTK kit includes:
1. Two-antenna system - allows you to move on autopilot at low speeds of about 0.8 km / h.
2. Magnetic sensor - measures the angle of rotation of the wheels.
3. The electric drive is an inverter brushless motor with a torque of 10-20 nm. able to turn even a very tight steering wheel.
4. Inertial module (IMU) - allows navigation to work as accurately as possible.
5. Navigation touch display with a diagonal of 25.7 cm
6. RTK station FJ Dynamics!

Technical characteristics:

Two-antenna GNSS system:
Allows you to move on autopilot at low speeds: about 0.8 km/h.
GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, BEIDOU L1/L2, GALILEO signal reception
Operating voltage: 3.3 ~12VDC
Operating current <45m

2. Magnetic sensor of the angle of rotation:
Question 5 V
The frequency is 3.4 kHz
Sensitivity <0.1°
Protection class IP65.

3. Electric drive:
Inverter brushless motor, capable of turning even a very tight steering wheel.
12W or 24W power supply (optional)
Torque: 10Nm, 20Nm (12W), 30Nm (24W)
Protection class IP65

4. Inertial module - IMU:
Accelerometer and gyroscope measure course angles, yaw and roll to compensate for slopes, this allows navigation to work as accurately as possible
Question 5B
Accelerometer accuracy: 0.9 mg
Gyroscope accuracy: 0.004°
Course angle accuracy: 1°
Accuracy of the tilt angle and inclination: 0.5 °

5. Navigation display:
Touch display
The diagonal of the display is 25.7 cm.
Internal memory 8 GB, ROM,
Brightness 720 nits
Resolution 1280x800 pixels.
Voltage: +9. +36 W
Wireless connection:
- GSM 3G/4G;
- VHF radio 410-470 MHz;
Size, mm: 300x190x43
Temperature range:
- workers: -30 C, ~+70 °C
- storage: -40 C, ~+85 °C
Protection class IP65.

 RTK Station

3D positioning at the centimeter level
The integration of multiple data transmissions provides real-time differential data for various machines and implements centimeter-level three-dimensional positioning and precise orientation within a 12 km radius
Global signal coverage
Receives signals from 16 frequency bands of 5 satellite navigation systems, including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, GALILEO and QZSS.
One base station can serve 100 units of equipment!

1. Tractors (domestic and imported, MTZ, etc.)
2. Spreaders
3. Tracked tractors
4. Harvesters
5. All-wheel drive tractors
6. Fertilizer application machines
7.Self-propelled sprayers

Distinctive features of the RTK autopilot:

Provides an accuracy of 2.5 cm when working with a base station
It works at any time, extends the working day of the equipment to 24 hours, can work in bad weather and on any soil quality.
Provides control of completed works. Reduces the costs of fuel and lubricants.
It is quickly installed and configured within 1 hour
The external GSM antenna allows you to work from RTK GNSS stations even in places with very poor quality of mobile communication;
It is installed on any agricultural machinery
It has a 12-month warranty, provides for the replacement of equipment during the warranty period.
The most affordable, budget solution on the market, with high accuracy and reliability
FJ Dynamics autopilot installation video. Presentation of the manufacturer

Вместе с оборудованием вы получаете:

  • выход с установкой;
  • обучение;
  • гарантия на корма от производителя;
  • подписка на RTK-коррекцию (точность 2 см);
  • техническая поддержка оборудования и работа в сетях RTK

Для получения консультации звоните 📱068 577 88 55📱

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