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Screen 8"
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12 month warranty

GPS Agro navigator, Display 8"

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Agronavigator Efarm - parallel driving GPS system, course indicator for tractors with enhanced body protection

The set of Efarm AgroNavigator includes:

- Display 8inches, with body protection;
- antenna Efarm;
- kit of usb cables (+extra usb cable as a gift);
- external power bank to provide a long-term continuous operation in the field;
- display fixing (see the photo);
- detailed operation and installation instruction;
- cardboard box for transportation and protection of the system;

Display 8inches

- the display screen body is plastic;
- Image is colorful, a high resolution screen, a sharp picture;
- Body is protected by a toughened silicone case and protective glass;
- Fixing to the glass is vacuum (see the photo);
- 1 year warranty for the tablet

GPS Antenna Efarm

- Antenna: 10 Hz;
- material: impact-resistant plastic;
- Fixing: a powerful magnet or screws;
- Accuracy is 20-25 cm;
- Protection degree: IP67;
- Gets reception of up to 32 satellites;
- Establishes contact with satellites within 10 sec;
- Possesses stable GPS, GLONASS signal;
- Data transmission onto the display: bluetooth;
- 5 years warranty for the antenna

Efarm Agronavigator Software:

  • Installed on the tablet by the manufacturer
  • Accompanied additionally by video instructions on operation and settings
  • Has got an opportunity of a free Software update within 10 years
  • Software maintenance is included
  • Efarm Agronavigator potential:
  • Precise parallel driving
  • Precise area measurement
  • Saved fields processing
  • Identifying of processed area
  • Five driving patterns
  • Setting of coverage width (accurate to the centimeter)
  • Saving of fields map
  • Saving of works done


Results with Efarm Course indicator:

  • Fertilizers, seeds, petrol, oil and lubricants consumption is reduced
  • We’re achieving an even spraying, getting rid of herbicides overspending
  • The lines are perfectly parallel and the edges are processed
  • There are no gaps, no overlapping, no weeds
  • There is an opportunity to work under conditions of poor visibility, we extend a working day by 20-40%, there is a night work mode
  • The fields are measured, the data are processed and systematized
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Брав після Trimble 250, водить краще, більший монітор. Дякую!
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